Debbie Shulins M.A., C.P.C.

Welcome! I’m Debbie Shulins and I’m a life coach, teacher, mother and life-long learner.

Years ago I took a class called “Vision Quest” where we were asked to write personal mission statements. Being a sixth grade teacher at the time I was extremely surprised with what flowed from my pen. I wrote: My purpose is to use my creativity and humor to inspire and motivate women to live fearless and joyful lives.

Really? That’s my mission? Where on earth did that come from? And how does teaching ancient history and realistic fiction fit in, I wondered.

It’s funny how you can know something without realizing that you know it.

Writing that mission statement changed the course of my life. What started unconsciously became  deliberate. And with every step forward I experienced greater clarity, peace and an expanding feeling of joy.

While I can’t help myself from buying back-to-school supplies every September, I am thrilled to be a life coach. And if I can help you live your best life, free from fear and full of joy – well, all I can say is mission accomplished.

My professional life has been rich and varied. After college (University of New Hampshire) and grad school (Dartmouth College) I worked in education for over 25 years teaching in rural New Hampshire, New York, Connecticut, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and London. Along the way I wrote educational films for National Geographic, curriculum for textbooks, tried my hand at screenplays, raised two kids, traveled, read, and  walked and walked.

My day is not complete without getting five miles under my belt and my best ideas come to me when I’m moving forward. I thrive on learning and continue to take seminars and attend workshops so I can grow professionally and personally.

Coaching combines all of my experience, expertise, and dreams. I am grateful to be part of this profession and look forward to working with you and spreading the joy!


Inquiries Welcome
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