Effective Parenting

Like most parents, you want your child to grow up to be a happy, well-adjusted, successful adult. Yet you live in an era of such competitive pressure that parenting could almost be an Olympic sport. In eighteen years, if you’re any good at what you do, you are expected to raise a son or daughter who

  • has a GPA significantly above 4.0
  • is blessed with superior athletic ability combined with great sportsmanship (and has led a couple of high school teams to state championships)
  • speaks two foreign languages fluently (extra points if one is written in characters)
  • is the founder of a nonprofit organization inspired by a summer of volunteer work in a developing nation

And, of course, you should accomplish all this without pressuring your child or making yourself crazy. It should happen almost organically…

Let’s get real

Okay, so when I put it that way, you know it’s a ridiculous fantasy, BUT the pressure is real. And parents buy into it, even sane, well-meaning parents like you.

And guess who is suffering?

Your kid – who feels the pressure you feel times ten. And lives in silent fear of failing. Or disappointing you. Who has no idea what he/she wants, but is pretty sure it isn’t college. Or more pressure. But is too scared to tell you.

So isn’t it time to pull the plug on all this nonsense? To stop chasing perfection in your kid and in yourself? Wouldn’t it feel great to enjoy parenting again?

In this 3 month program you will

  • learn why encouragement is more powerful than praise
  • teach your child to be more resilient
  • help your child manage his/her responsibilities independently
  • listen to your child with compassion but without stepping in to solve his/her problems
  • discover how to set firm boundaries that will honor your relationship
  • teach your child to earn more freedom
  • allow your child to make mistakes
  • model the type of respect you want your child to show you and others
  • become skilled at eliminating conflict
  • transform judgment into understanding
  • deal effectively with discipline issues
  • create clear expectations
  • treat yourself with compassion

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Click the button and let’s get to work!

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