Grow your joy list

shutterstock_151886915What makes you happy? Dark chocolate?  Great shoes? A week in Paris?  Okay, those are the easy ones – the low hanging fruit. But what are some of the less obvious things that bring you joy? Things that might be 20-50 on your list? Things you forget about?

I tend to forget about music.  I’m not in the habit of listening to music at home or in the car. When I remember to turn on music, I always feel a rush of happiness and say to myself – I should do this more often. Then I forget. Again.

So I’ve decided to create a joy list. A simple list of things that bring me joy that I can easily look at and add to. This morning I’ve added the following things:

– breakfast parfaits (plain yogurt, granola, fresh fruit)

– eating outside

– an uncluttered handbag

– reading a mystery

– rollerblading

– fresh oregano

Each of those items creates a positive feeling, yet they aren’t part of my routine and are easily forgotten. But if I write them down, then post the list in a place where I can see it everyday, hopefully I can add more moments of pleasure into my daily life.

I’m wondering how many things I can come up with. What if my list consisted of 100 things?  Would that make my joy increase ten-fold?  It just might. It’s certainly worth a try.

Don’t forget, what we pay attention to grows. So instead of focusing on the petty annoyances of life – traffic, junk mail, the milk carton with a single drop of milk someone put back in the fridge,  I’m going to grow my joy list.

– orange flowers

– walking in the rain

– outdoor concerts

– plums

Maybe you should too.


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