Summertime and the living is (or should be) easy







Two days into my summer break and I’ve wracked up hours at the dentist, long to-do lists, commitments I’m not excited about, and a stack of papers that makes me want to scream.

Is this any way to start a break?

Of course not.

Yet for as long as I can recall my summers begin like this – feeling stressed, behind, and already anticipating the end of my vacation before it has barely begun.

For some reason I find it difficult to let go of ‘busy-ness” and relax into the summer I always long for but rarely attain.

So today, in an attempt to break that pattern, I am doing nothing. Well, maybe not nothing, but nothing I don’t want to do. Wow -that’s a lot of negatives. Let me rephrase.

Today I am going to do exactly what I feel like doing.

I might finish this blogpost.

Or not.

I might answer a couple of emails.

I’m pretty sure I’ll go for a swim and water the garden once it cools down.

I’ll start a pitcher of cold-brewed coffee.

And read. Or meditate. Or ride my bike. Or take a yoga class.

Or just nap.

And I’ll enjoy every minute of what I choose to do or choose not to do without any feelings of guilt, pressure, ‘should have’ or ‘could have’.

If I want a summer that’s relaxing, creative, fulfilling, healthy, fun, then I owe it to myself to make the choices that will create that summer.

So excuse me while I turn off the computer, pour myself a cold drink, and do a little bit of nothing.


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