The joy of water

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So we’re in the middle of a heat wave in Southern California. It’s 100 degrees in my yard at the moment, and this has been going on for days. But instead of railing against the sun, I’m going to try a different approach today. I’m going to celebrate water.

Even though we’re experiencing a severe draught – along with our heat wave – I still have water. ¬†Enough to prepare delicious pitchers of ice water with cucumber slices and rounds of lemon floating in them. I have enough water to take a cool shower and do a couple of loads of wash. I have a pool and in the late afternoon when the sun has slipped behind the trees, I’ll go for a swim. And I’ll think about how lucky I am to have fresh clean water available. And that’s more than enough ¬†– even for a sweltering Monday.

Take a look at how the average household uses water and be grateful for this most essential resource!



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