Want some joy? Let it go.



I have a lot of stuff to do today, and I’m sure you do as well.  But I did set an intention when I woke up to find some joy in my Monday, and I thought I’d share my plan. It might work for you as well…..

I hate clutter. It makes me feel chaotic and uncomfortable. I’m not a minimalist or a clean freak by any means but something about being surrounded by too much stuff is distracting. Today as I was folding laundry it occurred to me that many of the items I was folding have lived out their purpose. Faded t-shirts, tops that don’t fit so well anymore, shorts that I would never wear outside of my house…. you know the stuff I’m talking about.  But most of the items still have some life left in them.  So I spent an hour roaming through the house collecting a bag of clothing, books, towels, baskets – things I no longer need or use or love. And on my way to the bank, I’ll drop the bag off at a donation center. (Fall is a perfect time to donate outgrown children’s clothing as lots of families are in need of school clothes.)

Less clutter for me – clean clothes, books, magazines, etc for someone else.  Win-win!

It’s so easy to spread a bit of joy -even on a busy Monday.

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