Charting Your Course

Maybe you want to write a novel, change careers, buy a house, end a relationship, or go back to school….You have a desire, a goal, a dream. Yet you are unable to get from here to there.

What’s holding you back? Is it a voice in your head convincing you that you’re not good enough?  Are you afraid of failure? Or success? Or is it the vagaries of life that get in your way?

No worries. Working with me as your coach will change that.

With me by your side, you will be cheered, supported, encouraged and prodded. Together we will chart a course and plan your journey. I’ll be with you for as long as you need me – until you are well on your way to achieving your goal.

In this 3 month program you will

    • chunk your goal into tiny easily accomplished pieces
    • be held accountable for these action steps
    • create a realistic calendar of success
    • explore obstacles that get in your way
    • learn how to silence your inner critic
    • overcome resistance
    • develop a positive mindset
    • become more resilient
    • treat yourself with compassion and respect
    • develop clarity
    • move forward confidently

Together we can accomplish miracles. All you need is to take the first step.

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