Women and Money

Like many women you have money issues. Limiting beliefs that were planted in your brain before you even understood them. Perhaps you were taught that talking about money or wanting money was ‘not nice’.

Or that money issues were best left to men. Maybe you grew up in a house where the message was “there is never enough”.

Today, your income, your savings, and your spending habits continue to be guided by unconscious beliefs that hold you back.

What would it be like to transform your relationship with money?

Would you like to increase your income? Get out of debt? Start saving? Spend money on the things you truly value? Enjoy prosperity? Earn a healthy income doing what you love? Talk about money openly and honestly with your loved ones? Leave financial worries behind?

 In this 3-month program you will

  • learn areas where you may be giving away your power with money
  • identify how to own your value, with confidence and clarity
  • uncover your hidden money beliefs
  • remove obstacles clearing the way for a new relationship with money
  • get rid of money clutter
  • set up foolproof systems that will allow you to track your income and expenses easily, and pay your bills on time
  • strengthen your money muscle so you can earn more, save more, spend more and live in harmony with your finances
  • learn how to empower your voice when discussing money in any situation
  • develop new financial strategies
  • create new opportunities

If you are ready to change your money mindset and let money work for you, let’s get started!

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